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Source Recruitment and all that work for it follow the laws and implied codes of the Employment Agency Act (of Ireland) 1971 which governs the recruitment industry and agents who operate in it and the Data Protection Act and Act as amended. 

Candidate’s and also our client’s (employers) privacy is protected under these. 



Unless you’ve instructed us to the contrary, we are required by law to seek your permission prior to sending your CV to an employer. This is our policy. Unless you tell us to look for jobs on your behalf, we will not send your CV out. 

For instance, you may apply for a specific job which may be gone. If we have similar jobs, unless we have your permission, we will not send out your CV. 

Your contact details will always be kept secret, and you can always ask us to keep your current place of employment hidden also. 

The information Source Recruitment requires is for the purpose of placing candidates in positions and is as follows: 
Details of your experience in a resume format and reference contact information. This is supplied from you to us, voluntarily, and is kept confidentially. 

Source Recruitment will collect information in the following ways: 

E-mail application form. Resumes and CV’s by post or regular email. CV’s received by us via third party websites such as job boards where we have posted a position and you have applied to it. Or in person. Or access to third party CV databases such as job boards where you have posted your CV for the purpose of being contacted with offers. We will store information collected in our candidate database using cloud based software. 

We undertake every precaution to protect the personal information we hold from unauthorised access. 

At the time of registration with the website, all the information required by Source Recruitment is entered by you on a Source Recruitment application form. And when you post or email your resume or send it via a third-party website or enter it into a third-party’s CV bank for the purpose of being offered positions. 

To assist with placing you in positions Source Recruitment may disclose the following information: Area you live in, your skills, qualifications and certificates acquired, desired working conditions, reference contacts etc. 

Source Recruitment may have to give access to your information outside the organisation. Information collected by Source Recruitment has to be available to certain government and legal bodies if it is requested under certain legal conditions. The request for any information is to be in writing or by special appointment. 

It is imperative for Source Recruitment to have the most current and up to date information, therefore it is in your interest to inform Source Recruitment of any changes. 




We will not give out your or your business name, except to potential candidates and authorised by you, so you can recruit in confidence. 

The information Source Recruitment requires is for the purpose of finding the right candidates for your vacancy and is as follows: 

Details of your job/vacancy specification, salary for the position, required start date and any other relevant details you provide about it. 

Other details kept by Source Recruitment include general billing and contact details for our accounts department to liaise with yours. These are the same as any details kept in the normal course of business and are always kept within our own admin department. 

All the above information is supplied from you the client, to us, voluntarily and is kept confidentially.

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